Book Week Fun

In week 6 St Joseph’s Primary School celebrated World Book Day. Our Library teacher, Miss Nadja, organised lots of fun activities and competitions throughout the week. On Tuesday we had a dotty dress up day where we had to wear as many dots as we could and on Friday we dressed up as fairy tale characters. All the students in 1/2 had a bit of a shock on Friday when a group of wicked witches turned up instead of their teachers! As part of our celebrations during Book Week we watched a fantastic play based on the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s nominated book, The Windy Farm. Here are a few photos of what we saw.


The Windy Farm on PhotoPeach

Our Trip to the Aquarium

This term we have been learning about underwater habitats. To help us learn more we went to Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium.

First we went to see the penguin habitat. We saw Gentoo penguins and King penguins. Some of the baby penguins were even bigger than the adult penguins!

Then we went to see the elephant sharks, angel fish and sea stars. We got to touch the sea stars and the shark eggs. The sea stars felt quite rough and spiky. The elephant shark eggs were very smooth and looked like seaweed.

Next we went to the Finding Nemo exhibit where we had to find all the characters from the movie. After we left this exhibit we saw some moon jellies that glowed in the dark. We found out that moon jellies have four stomachs!

After that we went in the huge underwater tunnel where we saw lots of underwater creatures including sharks, stingrays and the biggest fish in the aquarium Mr G. Before we went home we saw the huge saltwater crocodile that was 50 years old.

We saw lots of other creatures during the day too. We had the best day ever!

Written by 1/2D

Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium

Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium


We saw 2 different types of penguins, King penguins and Gentoo penguins.


We saw the Finding Nemo exhibit where we had to find all the characters from the movie. Nemo was hiding in a sea anemone.


We saw lots of different types of jellies. These are moon jellies that glowed in the dark.


We also saw lots of different sea horses. They were very good at camouflaging themselves.


We got to touch sea stars. They were very cold and rough. We also got to touch shark eggs but they had already hatched.


We saw some beautiful fish swimming in their underwater habitats.


And some very scary sharks swam over our heads!